Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Cocoa Powder. Use For Energy Drinks Baking Chocolates, YUM in my opinion

The few days ago. I search for information on the Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Cocoa Powder. Use For Energy Drinks Baking, so i have to tell.

Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Cocoa Powder.

PREMIUM SUPERNUTRITION / SUPERFOOD Satisfy chocolate cravings and support health and longevity with the best Arriba Nacional Criollo cocoa powder from Ecuador. Our premium cacao is 100 pure raw (unroasted) natural (non alkalized) and organic and packed with vitamins minerals and antioxidants. Contains Anandamine (The Bliss Chemical - that makes us feel good) Omega 6 Fatty Acids .... Read more or Check Price

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Yummy stuff - I usually make chocolate milkshakes with it. Using my little Hamilton Beach blender a spoon rounded with some sweetener stevia yogurt and anything else I add ... by APR

Adding a smoothie is nice - especially the aftertaste. Makes the best hot chocolate EVER. I'll make brownies soon by Julie

Purchased the product for my husband. He had done extensive research on the health benefits of cocoa powder so he thought it a try. by CM Sherlock

Honestly I only bought the cocoa powder to add color to my dry shampoo. It works ( and smells ) great by Kelli S.


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